Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A sneak peak into my Christmas scrapbook.

Its December!! And that means its time for my first Christmas post of the year :D and for this post I'm going to give you a little peak into my Xmas scrapbook!

So I just bought this A5 brown scrapbook from Paperchase for about £8 or £9, its great because the pages are brown so you don't have to start with a plain white page.

Each page is filled with cuttings from magazines so I don't have stacks of them to store each year! I also used music paper, patterned scrap paper, luggage labels, ribbons and buttons to decorate each page. This means I can come back to it each year to add more inspirational pictures and cute cuttings until my scrapbook is completely filled with magazine cuttings from the past :)

I also included some pictures of different tree types with little notes on how to keep your tree alive (this is handy for someone that can't keep a bunch of flowers longer than a couple of days)

I also added pictures of different ways to decorate the house, from the tree to the dinner table on Christmas day! I did this as I love to decorate using a different theme every year so now I will never be out of ideas :)

Something I didn't include a picture of is my recipe pages, I simply made them by making pockets on the pages so I can cut out recipes or jot them down through the year and just pop them in. I absolutely love cooking and baking and Christmas is the best excuse to try something new!

So that's it, my Christmas scrapbook! I hope you enjoyed taking a peak in mine and I would love to hear if any of you do something similar!

Love Becca <3

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

What type of wedding do I want?

Now I know there are tons of different types of places you can get married but for the purpose of this post I have just chosen the four or five types of places I looked into for mine and my partners wedding.

So the first place we looked at was a church. This came naturally to me as I was christened as a child, went to a Christian based primary school and have looked at the beautiful photos of my parents church wedding. But once we had looked into this option we decided against it as I hadn't really lead a religious life since I left school and neither had my other half.
Getting married in a church can make for a really lovely ceremony and a beautiful backdrop for some snap shots! Depending on the size of the church it can be great for both small, intimate weddings or very large dues!

 A simple garden wedding can look however you want it to. You can either get right down to nature or put up a marque to put your guests in :) obviously the one worry I had with a garden wedding was the typical English weather. You can either brave all with brolly's or do what I did and make sure there is somewhere indoors you can have your ceremony if the 'heavens do open'. Its always good to ask your venue if the ceremony can be held indoors just in case; our venue were really good and are obviously used to our weather so we can actually change our mind just 30 minutes before the ceremony starts to have it indoors if we need to! (fingers and toes crossed we can have our garden wedding!)

Now here are some beautiful places to get married! A castle or big manor house hold a beautiful scene for your wedding and I must admit some of the most wonderful wedding photo's I have seen are of newly weds in front of a magical place like these. One thing to check if you have a place like this in mind is that you can get legally married there. Obviously venues like this need licences to hold a legal marriage ceremony although saying this, I have known people who have their hearts set on their dream venue to have their ceremony there and then either a couple of days before or after to sign the legal document and vows in a registered place.

All images are originally from either Pinterest or Google Images

 Which leads me on to my final choice, the registry office. Now I must admit when we first looked into this my first thoughts were 'no way' but I have actually seen some beautiful weddings that took place in a registry office. Take our local one for instance; you can get married in a intimate environment with your closest family and friends around you and then step out the doors into a beautiful garden full of flowers and old archways to have your wedding photos taken. Its like having a fairy tale wedding next to a secret garden and then of course you can run away to the destination you have chosen to hold your reception and dance the night away :)

I have got to say choosing our wedding venue was the most exciting part of the plans! Because once you have chosen that everything else sort of fits in around it. We have chosen to hold our wedding, wedding breakfast and reception all in the same place so once our guests have arrived in the morning they don't need to go anywhere apart from the bar in the next room ;) this has also made planning the wedding so much easier, we have a lovely wedding co-ordinator at our venue to help with things that end and now we have sorted out our venue it feels like we are nearly done. Well it feels that way but believe me there is so much more to do!
See you in my next post
Love Becca <3 

What time of year should I get married? Part four

Spring, Summer, Autumn or winter that is the question

Getting married in the winter is one of the most beautiful times of year to get married. (As long as the weather plays ball) Imagine the photo's of you and your partner with a snowy backdrop and your white dress. You can also really use the cold weather to your advantage and choose to have yourself and your bridesmaids in fur boleros. 

You may also want to dress your tables to match the season using pine cones or pieces of twig to decorate the venue. (fairy lights wrapped in and around a bunch of twigs in a vase is beautiful). Another fun idea is to play around with food decoration, as you can see above these miniature snowballs look adorable made easily by sprinkling flaked coconut or almonds onto chocolate truffles of mini cupcakes.
Flowers are another beautiful thing about the winter you can use simple white bouquets and add some subtle colour to give them the wow factor. I have tried to show you the idea with some pictures below.
So that is it for my 'what time of year should I get married?' mini series, stay tuned for some more wedding posts and also look out for my Christmas posts as its getting to that time of year :) I am aiming to upload one Christmas post every week in December to keep your eyes pealed!    

Love Becca <3

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What time of year should I get married? Part three

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter that is the question.

Today I am going to look into getting married in the Autumn. I have previously written about Spring and Summer so please go check them out if you haven't already.

Autumn is the season for vibrant, warming colours like burnt orange, plum purples or even emerald greens. You can really have some fun, playing around with different ideas such as pumpkins incorporated in the centrepieces or using orange and red leaves in you bouquets.
And don't be freaked out when I say use pumpkins, there are so many beautiful ways to decorate them rather than the tradition carving. Below are some different ways to help inspire you.

 I hope this helps and gives you lots of little ideas. My best friend has recently decided to plan their wedding in the Autumn and looking through her plans has really opened my eyes as to how much you can actually do with an Autumn wedding and how many beautiful colour schemes you have to choose from.

As always watch out for my next post which will be the last in this little series, and also be sure to check out some of the fun little Christmas posts I shall be putting up in the next few weeks :)

Love Becca <3

Saturday, 16 November 2013

What time of year should I get married? Part two

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter that is the question.

This post is going to have some pointers about getting married in the Summer. If you haven't read my 'part one' you should go and check that out before reading this :)

Part two: summer.

Getting married in the summer.
With summer comes hot weather. You can either have beautiful vibrant colours or choose a more subtle pastel colour pallet. What ever colour scheme you choose, in the summer its bound to look beautiful. You can choose chiffon bridesmaids dresses that float in the warm breeze and what about putting your men in grey rather than black to suit the rest of the colour scheme?

One little tip; be sure to wear sunscreen and foundation with an spf in it, the last thing you want on a hot day is to have a burnt, red face in all your wedding photographs.

Here are some flower ideas for a summer wedding.

Thank you for reading, my next post will be about Autumn weddings so keep your eyes pealed!

Love Becca <3 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

What time of year should I get married? Part one

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? That is the question.

So in this post I shall give you some things to think about when choosing what season to get married in.
First of all I would like to say I think most of this is mainly personal preference so you might find these tips more helpful when trying to persuade your other half into what season to tie the knot! Because lets face it when it comes to making decisions like this men aren't exactly helpful :)

Part one: Spring.

Getting married in the spring.
Spring is a beautiful time of year to get married, with the trees in full blossom and buds starting to form from the newly green grass. Spring can help create a colourful backdrop to the perfect day, helping you to capture your moment in time.

Just be careful if you are planning an outdoor wedding because at this time of year you can never rely on the Great British weather. 

There are so many different flowers you can use in the spring here a just a few to inspire you...

Thank you for reading, I hope this gives you some nice ideas. Be sure to check out my next post where I will be focusing on Summer wedding ideas.

Love Becca <3

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A new addition to my Blog.

Hey guys!
So I know I already have a couple of wedding posts on here but its been a while since I have posted one! So whilst thinking about what my next wedding post should be about I came up with the idea of doing a whole wedding series on 'How to plan your perfect day!' Okay now I know I don't know everything about planning a wedding but seeing as I've been planning my own for what feels like a century I do have some tips and tricks that might help you along the way!
Or even if your not getting married you might just find some of these posts interesting (hopefully)
So now I've told you the plan here is a little break down of some posts to look out for over the following weeks.

  • A time line that I am trying to keep to for planning your wedding.
  • How to choose the type of wedding you want.
  • What time of year to have your wedding.
  • How to choose your flowers; right from your bridal bouquet to centrepieces and decorations.
  • What to do when it comes to picking your bridesmaids dresses.
  • The Bridal gown!
  • And last but not least, picking your groom and his men their attire.
I hope there is at least one subject here that will grab your attention :)
See you in my next post! Wish me luck :)
Love Becca <3

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Day thirteen.

My Monthly Faves
Hey guys!
So its July! How the hell did that come about? This year is just flying by and I now only have one year until our big day! So seeing as its now July I thought I would blog about all the things I loved through June.

First up is this moisturiser. It's by Garnier and only cost me £2.99 as it was on a half price offer. They do a whole range of these moisturisers for all different skin types and I got the kind of extreme moisture one as I find I get incredibly dry skin after using some primers! The main thing I love about this product is the smell, I find that if I like the smell of a product then I am more likely to use it, and this smells delicious. Also I find it very moisturising, it is very thick when out squeeze it out but once applied it smooths out nicely and has an almost silky texture to it! A must buy for a bargain price!

Next is the Rimmel Scandeleyes mascara, this cost my £4.99 as I bought it in Superdrug for the introductory price but the normal rrp is £7.99. This is by far the best 'drug store' mascara I have ever used! It gives a natural look with one application but also builds up to give a lot of length and volume to the lashes.

The Lee Stafford hair products are just travel size products I bought to try out as I hate buying full size items I have never used before, just in case I don't like them. But I am definitely going to repurchase the full size once I've used these up. They are the heat protector spray and shine spray; the heat protector basically does what it says on the tin but the thing I love about this range is the smell. And the shine spray is just great for sorting out those fly away hairs!

Now I didn't really understand the craze over BB cream, well not until I tried the Loreal one anyway. I started by using this on holiday as my chummy Aimie had it and I just fell in love with it. Its not great on those days where you want a high coverage foundation but I actually mix it with another foundation for those days! I love the way it looks on the skin as it gives your face a lovely glow, plus, it is super moisturising!

And last but not least is this lip balm, I actually got this in a beauty box a little while ago and never really used it, but these past couple weeks I have been using it every day. I put it on before my make up and by the time I get round to putting on my lipstick my lips are so soft which obviously looks so much nicer than my dry old lips :) 

So that's it guys! My June monthly favourites! How fast this year is going by. Anyway stay tuned for my next post, I have a feeling it will be a haul post as I splurged slightly on a recent shopping trip!

Much love
Becca <3


Monday, 1 July 2013

Day eight.

Wedding :)
Evening guys!!
Doing thigs a little differently today by letting you peak into my wedding folder, here you can see some pictures from a selection of magazine clippings I have collected. I'm going to show you a couple of dress designs I like, table decor and a little bit of mens stuff! 
So firstly this is my little folder where I stash any pictures I pull out of mags or bits and bobs I found whilst I'm out and about. I'm sorry to say I have no idea where this is from as it was a gift but I have seen them in little boutique shops for under £5 so I know they are around!

This was a much larger image but I cropped it down to just this as I love the detailing of buttons down the back, I would love to have a dress like this although so far I think I'm going for a strapless one, I may have to have some detailing like this on the back.

Now this is the shape that I absolutely love! I have actually been to some dress shops and tried on a few dresses in this style and they surprisingly suit me which I am so happy about, I have been told that the style you often like doesn't ever suit you so I was so pleased when I looked in the mirror and actually looked pretty damn good; even if I do say so myself!:)

Again I love the detail of buttons down the back of this dress, I this is the was to get the buttons in the back of the style I like.

Although after saying that I wanted a strapless dress this one I think is especially beautiful! 

A little sneak peak at the kind of thing we are thinking of doing for our centre pieces, not done quite like this but this is where I got the inspiration.

And these are so cute! I actually saw them in our local Paperchase and they look so nice, we may be purchasing these to put around the necks of wine bottles for table numbers!

Now I have two ideas for the plates, I love these personalised napkins with the flower on the plate but I think I am actually swaying towards the bow made from the cloth napkins but instead of using a napkin ring for the middle I would probably use a length of ribbon to tie around the middle.

And if you haven't guessed so already our colour choice is navy and yellow :) we will be having mainly navy but using yellow flowers to brighten up the day as we are having a garden wedding in the summer. 

Just some flowers that I like the look of. I will probably be doing some tutorials of flower arranging while I practice as I am going to attempt to do this myself with the help of my mum who has done flower arranging for weddings in the past :)

This is another idea I think I'm going to use for behind the top table to give it a bit of a back drop.
Men's corner!!

Here are just a couple of bits that I have seen and quite liked for the groom, I think I've actually persuaded my man to have a striped navy shirt instead of a boring white one :) and I thought I'd throw the shoes in too as I thought they were quite fun! 

So there you have it guys, the first insight to wedding ideas and plans so far, obviously we want to keep some things secret until the big day but believe me I will be updating this part of my blog as much as I possibly can!
Much love
Becca <3

Day twelve.

Evening people!
I thought I would give you a little sneak peak at our first bridesmaid hair trails.
Obviously we've got a while yet but seeing as my maid of honor and one of my bridesmaids are both hairdressers we thought, whats the harm in having a play? :)

So here we have some great pictures of one of my girls in curlers :) she is going to hate me for posting this but, no harm in making memories huh!

And here is Emma getting her hair done, she has got quite short hair so we were amazed at how it turned out. I don't think I've mentioned yet, but two of my bridesmaids are my cousins, Hollie (pictures above) and Emma. They are twins so I love that I've got 2 girlies of the same sort of height and figures and they obviously look alike. You don't realize how easy it makes things! 

And here she is again in all her glory! Hair finished and I think it actually looks amazing! Its exactly what I imagined except I didn't realize it would be possible because of the length of her hair but, it was perfect :)

And here is Hollie in all of her shining glory too! She absolutely loved her hair so I was really happy about that :) I've decided to let the girls chose how they want to look on the day as they have to wear the outfit and like their hair and make up.

And finally me!! With curly hair and the front gripped back. After numerous trails so far I have no idea how I want my hair to look, or is it that I know what I want, my hair just won't play ball? I don't know but I think I'm going to let it grow a bit before trying again.

Much love
Becca <3

Friday, 28 June 2013

Day eleven.

Wedding bits.

Hey guys!
Another little wedding post mainly so I can keep track of everything going on! And I thought you might enjoy reading my lists of things to do as well :)
So we have just over a year until the big day and so far we have;
Chosen the date
Sorted the venue
(we are using a country hotel for the whole day, getting married in the garden and then having the reception there too)!
The guest list is under way 
As is the table plan, although knowing me this will change at least 3 times before the final plan.
Food for the wedding breakfast and also the reception has been chosen
I have been shopping for my dress and also the bridesmaids dresses, but we haven't yet decided on them.
Registrar is booked for the day :)

Well I'm glad I got that out my system as I felt like I hadn't actually done anything in the last 6 months! But turns out I have actually done quite a bit.

The next thing on the list is to chose the design for the save the dates and either get them made or buy them from somewhere? This is my priority at the moment as I wanted them sent out to all our guests by the end of July and although it is a month away I know that its going to fly by!

Much love
Becca <3

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Day ten.

Mini haul
Hey guys!
So today I took a cheeky little trip to my most local shopping centre just to do a little bit of window shopping! Well, seeing as its the day before payday and my bank statement was looking a little sorry for itself to say the least I really shouldn't and couldn't afford to buy anything! But knowing myself I just couldn't beat the urge and had a tiny little splurge. Honestly it was tiny but I did pick up a couple of really nice, inexpensive things.
Now I really don't like reading blog hauls, thinking oh now that is really nice, think about purchasing it for myself and then seeing the price! So honestly I think I can safely say if you like something you see on this post you can go and pick it up for under £10.

This necklace is from Accessorize and at £8 I really couldn't resist it. I don't really own much in the way of necklaces, especially not gold, but I have seen a lot of people wearing gold with either black for  a statement or browns and khaki's which I think also looks really nice so I thought, I would buy this and have a go at matching it up with some outfits myself!  

Okay so next up is this really lovely necklace with leaf design, it came from H&M for an amazing price of £3.99. Again its gold like the previous one but this isn't as yellow as the first, it has that older look about it with the very dark creases in the leaves; I also love the little beads between the leaves which I feel brakes it up really nicely!

And last up is this cute little necklace again from H&M and again for the bargain of £3.99. This has small gold studs running across but they aren't too big. I really like how edgy this could look with the right outfit but also still looks quite delicate. Being more of a yellow gold I feel that this one looks a little cheaper but for £3.99 I wasn't at all bothered but this. I think this is going to be really easy to wear, both day to day and out in the evening.

Well that's my three new necklaces, see I told you it was only a tiny, tiny splurge. I did also buy a dress but I'm going to include that in my next haul post as I am going shopping next Tuesday and I am expecting to find lots of nice things to buy and show you!
Much love
Becca <3