Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A sneak peak into my Christmas scrapbook.

Its December!! And that means its time for my first Christmas post of the year :D and for this post I'm going to give you a little peak into my Xmas scrapbook!

So I just bought this A5 brown scrapbook from Paperchase for about £8 or £9, its great because the pages are brown so you don't have to start with a plain white page.

Each page is filled with cuttings from magazines so I don't have stacks of them to store each year! I also used music paper, patterned scrap paper, luggage labels, ribbons and buttons to decorate each page. This means I can come back to it each year to add more inspirational pictures and cute cuttings until my scrapbook is completely filled with magazine cuttings from the past :)

I also included some pictures of different tree types with little notes on how to keep your tree alive (this is handy for someone that can't keep a bunch of flowers longer than a couple of days)

I also added pictures of different ways to decorate the house, from the tree to the dinner table on Christmas day! I did this as I love to decorate using a different theme every year so now I will never be out of ideas :)

Something I didn't include a picture of is my recipe pages, I simply made them by making pockets on the pages so I can cut out recipes or jot them down through the year and just pop them in. I absolutely love cooking and baking and Christmas is the best excuse to try something new!

So that's it, my Christmas scrapbook! I hope you enjoyed taking a peak in mine and I would love to hear if any of you do something similar!

Love Becca <3

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