Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A new addition to my Blog.

Hey guys!
So I know I already have a couple of wedding posts on here but its been a while since I have posted one! So whilst thinking about what my next wedding post should be about I came up with the idea of doing a whole wedding series on 'How to plan your perfect day!' Okay now I know I don't know everything about planning a wedding but seeing as I've been planning my own for what feels like a century I do have some tips and tricks that might help you along the way!
Or even if your not getting married you might just find some of these posts interesting (hopefully)
So now I've told you the plan here is a little break down of some posts to look out for over the following weeks.

  • A time line that I am trying to keep to for planning your wedding.
  • How to choose the type of wedding you want.
  • What time of year to have your wedding.
  • How to choose your flowers; right from your bridal bouquet to centrepieces and decorations.
  • What to do when it comes to picking your bridesmaids dresses.
  • The Bridal gown!
  • And last but not least, picking your groom and his men their attire.
I hope there is at least one subject here that will grab your attention :)
See you in my next post! Wish me luck :)
Love Becca <3

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