Tuesday, 26 November 2013

What type of wedding do I want?

Now I know there are tons of different types of places you can get married but for the purpose of this post I have just chosen the four or five types of places I looked into for mine and my partners wedding.

So the first place we looked at was a church. This came naturally to me as I was christened as a child, went to a Christian based primary school and have looked at the beautiful photos of my parents church wedding. But once we had looked into this option we decided against it as I hadn't really lead a religious life since I left school and neither had my other half.
Getting married in a church can make for a really lovely ceremony and a beautiful backdrop for some snap shots! Depending on the size of the church it can be great for both small, intimate weddings or very large dues!

 A simple garden wedding can look however you want it to. You can either get right down to nature or put up a marque to put your guests in :) obviously the one worry I had with a garden wedding was the typical English weather. You can either brave all with brolly's or do what I did and make sure there is somewhere indoors you can have your ceremony if the 'heavens do open'. Its always good to ask your venue if the ceremony can be held indoors just in case; our venue were really good and are obviously used to our weather so we can actually change our mind just 30 minutes before the ceremony starts to have it indoors if we need to! (fingers and toes crossed we can have our garden wedding!)

Now here are some beautiful places to get married! A castle or big manor house hold a beautiful scene for your wedding and I must admit some of the most wonderful wedding photo's I have seen are of newly weds in front of a magical place like these. One thing to check if you have a place like this in mind is that you can get legally married there. Obviously venues like this need licences to hold a legal marriage ceremony although saying this, I have known people who have their hearts set on their dream venue to have their ceremony there and then either a couple of days before or after to sign the legal document and vows in a registered place.

All images are originally from either Pinterest or Google Images

 Which leads me on to my final choice, the registry office. Now I must admit when we first looked into this my first thoughts were 'no way' but I have actually seen some beautiful weddings that took place in a registry office. Take our local one for instance; you can get married in a intimate environment with your closest family and friends around you and then step out the doors into a beautiful garden full of flowers and old archways to have your wedding photos taken. Its like having a fairy tale wedding next to a secret garden and then of course you can run away to the destination you have chosen to hold your reception and dance the night away :)

I have got to say choosing our wedding venue was the most exciting part of the plans! Because once you have chosen that everything else sort of fits in around it. We have chosen to hold our wedding, wedding breakfast and reception all in the same place so once our guests have arrived in the morning they don't need to go anywhere apart from the bar in the next room ;) this has also made planning the wedding so much easier, we have a lovely wedding co-ordinator at our venue to help with things that end and now we have sorted out our venue it feels like we are nearly done. Well it feels that way but believe me there is so much more to do!
See you in my next post
Love Becca <3 

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