Monday, 1 July 2013

Day eight.

Wedding :)
Evening guys!!
Doing thigs a little differently today by letting you peak into my wedding folder, here you can see some pictures from a selection of magazine clippings I have collected. I'm going to show you a couple of dress designs I like, table decor and a little bit of mens stuff! 
So firstly this is my little folder where I stash any pictures I pull out of mags or bits and bobs I found whilst I'm out and about. I'm sorry to say I have no idea where this is from as it was a gift but I have seen them in little boutique shops for under £5 so I know they are around!

This was a much larger image but I cropped it down to just this as I love the detailing of buttons down the back, I would love to have a dress like this although so far I think I'm going for a strapless one, I may have to have some detailing like this on the back.

Now this is the shape that I absolutely love! I have actually been to some dress shops and tried on a few dresses in this style and they surprisingly suit me which I am so happy about, I have been told that the style you often like doesn't ever suit you so I was so pleased when I looked in the mirror and actually looked pretty damn good; even if I do say so myself!:)

Again I love the detail of buttons down the back of this dress, I this is the was to get the buttons in the back of the style I like.

Although after saying that I wanted a strapless dress this one I think is especially beautiful! 

A little sneak peak at the kind of thing we are thinking of doing for our centre pieces, not done quite like this but this is where I got the inspiration.

And these are so cute! I actually saw them in our local Paperchase and they look so nice, we may be purchasing these to put around the necks of wine bottles for table numbers!

Now I have two ideas for the plates, I love these personalised napkins with the flower on the plate but I think I am actually swaying towards the bow made from the cloth napkins but instead of using a napkin ring for the middle I would probably use a length of ribbon to tie around the middle.

And if you haven't guessed so already our colour choice is navy and yellow :) we will be having mainly navy but using yellow flowers to brighten up the day as we are having a garden wedding in the summer. 

Just some flowers that I like the look of. I will probably be doing some tutorials of flower arranging while I practice as I am going to attempt to do this myself with the help of my mum who has done flower arranging for weddings in the past :)

This is another idea I think I'm going to use for behind the top table to give it a bit of a back drop.
Men's corner!!

Here are just a couple of bits that I have seen and quite liked for the groom, I think I've actually persuaded my man to have a striped navy shirt instead of a boring white one :) and I thought I'd throw the shoes in too as I thought they were quite fun! 

So there you have it guys, the first insight to wedding ideas and plans so far, obviously we want to keep some things secret until the big day but believe me I will be updating this part of my blog as much as I possibly can!
Much love
Becca <3

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