Thursday, 27 June 2013

Day ten.

Mini haul
Hey guys!
So today I took a cheeky little trip to my most local shopping centre just to do a little bit of window shopping! Well, seeing as its the day before payday and my bank statement was looking a little sorry for itself to say the least I really shouldn't and couldn't afford to buy anything! But knowing myself I just couldn't beat the urge and had a tiny little splurge. Honestly it was tiny but I did pick up a couple of really nice, inexpensive things.
Now I really don't like reading blog hauls, thinking oh now that is really nice, think about purchasing it for myself and then seeing the price! So honestly I think I can safely say if you like something you see on this post you can go and pick it up for under £10.

This necklace is from Accessorize and at £8 I really couldn't resist it. I don't really own much in the way of necklaces, especially not gold, but I have seen a lot of people wearing gold with either black for  a statement or browns and khaki's which I think also looks really nice so I thought, I would buy this and have a go at matching it up with some outfits myself!  

Okay so next up is this really lovely necklace with leaf design, it came from H&M for an amazing price of £3.99. Again its gold like the previous one but this isn't as yellow as the first, it has that older look about it with the very dark creases in the leaves; I also love the little beads between the leaves which I feel brakes it up really nicely!

And last up is this cute little necklace again from H&M and again for the bargain of £3.99. This has small gold studs running across but they aren't too big. I really like how edgy this could look with the right outfit but also still looks quite delicate. Being more of a yellow gold I feel that this one looks a little cheaper but for £3.99 I wasn't at all bothered but this. I think this is going to be really easy to wear, both day to day and out in the evening.

Well that's my three new necklaces, see I told you it was only a tiny, tiny splurge. I did also buy a dress but I'm going to include that in my next haul post as I am going shopping next Tuesday and I am expecting to find lots of nice things to buy and show you!
Much love
Becca <3

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