Saturday, 16 November 2013

What time of year should I get married? Part two

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter that is the question.

This post is going to have some pointers about getting married in the Summer. If you haven't read my 'part one' you should go and check that out before reading this :)

Part two: summer.

Getting married in the summer.
With summer comes hot weather. You can either have beautiful vibrant colours or choose a more subtle pastel colour pallet. What ever colour scheme you choose, in the summer its bound to look beautiful. You can choose chiffon bridesmaids dresses that float in the warm breeze and what about putting your men in grey rather than black to suit the rest of the colour scheme?

One little tip; be sure to wear sunscreen and foundation with an spf in it, the last thing you want on a hot day is to have a burnt, red face in all your wedding photographs.

Here are some flower ideas for a summer wedding.

Thank you for reading, my next post will be about Autumn weddings so keep your eyes pealed!

Love Becca <3 

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