Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What time of year should I get married? Part three

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter that is the question.

Today I am going to look into getting married in the Autumn. I have previously written about Spring and Summer so please go check them out if you haven't already.

Autumn is the season for vibrant, warming colours like burnt orange, plum purples or even emerald greens. You can really have some fun, playing around with different ideas such as pumpkins incorporated in the centrepieces or using orange and red leaves in you bouquets.
And don't be freaked out when I say use pumpkins, there are so many beautiful ways to decorate them rather than the tradition carving. Below are some different ways to help inspire you.

 I hope this helps and gives you lots of little ideas. My best friend has recently decided to plan their wedding in the Autumn and looking through her plans has really opened my eyes as to how much you can actually do with an Autumn wedding and how many beautiful colour schemes you have to choose from.

As always watch out for my next post which will be the last in this little series, and also be sure to check out some of the fun little Christmas posts I shall be putting up in the next few weeks :)

Love Becca <3

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