Sunday, 26 January 2014

Bridesmaids Dress Idea

The Twist and Wrap Dress

Hey guys!

So I have recently got my bridesmaids dresses and although I didn't actually go for this dress it is so amazing I had to share it with you guys!

The Twist and Wrap dress.
Also know as the 15 way dress!

This dress comes in a variety of colours and you can actually get it from quite a few places now, the one I am focussing on is the dress I looked into getting.

So these are the 5 colours they have in their range; this image doesn't actually give the colours justice so please have a look on the website for a better look (link will be at the bottom).

And these are the 15 different ways you can wear the dress!
I think this dress is a great idea if you want all your bridesmaids in the same colour but not the same style. Its also great if you have very different ages bridesmaids as there are a couple of ways to add a short sleeve to cover the shoulder and its also great if your girls are different sizes because they can all pick a style and wear it comfortably.

They also have a short option which is cheaper which gives even more variety in styles!
Now the price is what I think is the amazing part as the short dress comes in at £70.00 and the longer one £80.00. This is also the full prices and if you go on the website at the right time of year they have these dresses on promotion!

Anyway thanks for reading guys, I hope this was some useful info :)
These dresses are from and are under the wedding section.

Speak soon
Much love
Becca <3

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A sneak peak into my Christmas scrapbook.

Its December!! And that means its time for my first Christmas post of the year :D and for this post I'm going to give you a little peak into my Xmas scrapbook!

So I just bought this A5 brown scrapbook from Paperchase for about £8 or £9, its great because the pages are brown so you don't have to start with a plain white page.

Each page is filled with cuttings from magazines so I don't have stacks of them to store each year! I also used music paper, patterned scrap paper, luggage labels, ribbons and buttons to decorate each page. This means I can come back to it each year to add more inspirational pictures and cute cuttings until my scrapbook is completely filled with magazine cuttings from the past :)

I also included some pictures of different tree types with little notes on how to keep your tree alive (this is handy for someone that can't keep a bunch of flowers longer than a couple of days)

I also added pictures of different ways to decorate the house, from the tree to the dinner table on Christmas day! I did this as I love to decorate using a different theme every year so now I will never be out of ideas :)

Something I didn't include a picture of is my recipe pages, I simply made them by making pockets on the pages so I can cut out recipes or jot them down through the year and just pop them in. I absolutely love cooking and baking and Christmas is the best excuse to try something new!

So that's it, my Christmas scrapbook! I hope you enjoyed taking a peak in mine and I would love to hear if any of you do something similar!

Love Becca <3

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

What type of wedding do I want?

Now I know there are tons of different types of places you can get married but for the purpose of this post I have just chosen the four or five types of places I looked into for mine and my partners wedding.

So the first place we looked at was a church. This came naturally to me as I was christened as a child, went to a Christian based primary school and have looked at the beautiful photos of my parents church wedding. But once we had looked into this option we decided against it as I hadn't really lead a religious life since I left school and neither had my other half.
Getting married in a church can make for a really lovely ceremony and a beautiful backdrop for some snap shots! Depending on the size of the church it can be great for both small, intimate weddings or very large dues!

 A simple garden wedding can look however you want it to. You can either get right down to nature or put up a marque to put your guests in :) obviously the one worry I had with a garden wedding was the typical English weather. You can either brave all with brolly's or do what I did and make sure there is somewhere indoors you can have your ceremony if the 'heavens do open'. Its always good to ask your venue if the ceremony can be held indoors just in case; our venue were really good and are obviously used to our weather so we can actually change our mind just 30 minutes before the ceremony starts to have it indoors if we need to! (fingers and toes crossed we can have our garden wedding!)

Now here are some beautiful places to get married! A castle or big manor house hold a beautiful scene for your wedding and I must admit some of the most wonderful wedding photo's I have seen are of newly weds in front of a magical place like these. One thing to check if you have a place like this in mind is that you can get legally married there. Obviously venues like this need licences to hold a legal marriage ceremony although saying this, I have known people who have their hearts set on their dream venue to have their ceremony there and then either a couple of days before or after to sign the legal document and vows in a registered place.

All images are originally from either Pinterest or Google Images

 Which leads me on to my final choice, the registry office. Now I must admit when we first looked into this my first thoughts were 'no way' but I have actually seen some beautiful weddings that took place in a registry office. Take our local one for instance; you can get married in a intimate environment with your closest family and friends around you and then step out the doors into a beautiful garden full of flowers and old archways to have your wedding photos taken. Its like having a fairy tale wedding next to a secret garden and then of course you can run away to the destination you have chosen to hold your reception and dance the night away :)

I have got to say choosing our wedding venue was the most exciting part of the plans! Because once you have chosen that everything else sort of fits in around it. We have chosen to hold our wedding, wedding breakfast and reception all in the same place so once our guests have arrived in the morning they don't need to go anywhere apart from the bar in the next room ;) this has also made planning the wedding so much easier, we have a lovely wedding co-ordinator at our venue to help with things that end and now we have sorted out our venue it feels like we are nearly done. Well it feels that way but believe me there is so much more to do!
See you in my next post
Love Becca <3 

What time of year should I get married? Part four

Spring, Summer, Autumn or winter that is the question

Getting married in the winter is one of the most beautiful times of year to get married. (As long as the weather plays ball) Imagine the photo's of you and your partner with a snowy backdrop and your white dress. You can also really use the cold weather to your advantage and choose to have yourself and your bridesmaids in fur boleros. 

You may also want to dress your tables to match the season using pine cones or pieces of twig to decorate the venue. (fairy lights wrapped in and around a bunch of twigs in a vase is beautiful). Another fun idea is to play around with food decoration, as you can see above these miniature snowballs look adorable made easily by sprinkling flaked coconut or almonds onto chocolate truffles of mini cupcakes.
Flowers are another beautiful thing about the winter you can use simple white bouquets and add some subtle colour to give them the wow factor. I have tried to show you the idea with some pictures below.
So that is it for my 'what time of year should I get married?' mini series, stay tuned for some more wedding posts and also look out for my Christmas posts as its getting to that time of year :) I am aiming to upload one Christmas post every week in December to keep your eyes pealed!    

Love Becca <3

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What time of year should I get married? Part three

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter that is the question.

Today I am going to look into getting married in the Autumn. I have previously written about Spring and Summer so please go check them out if you haven't already.

Autumn is the season for vibrant, warming colours like burnt orange, plum purples or even emerald greens. You can really have some fun, playing around with different ideas such as pumpkins incorporated in the centrepieces or using orange and red leaves in you bouquets.
And don't be freaked out when I say use pumpkins, there are so many beautiful ways to decorate them rather than the tradition carving. Below are some different ways to help inspire you.

 I hope this helps and gives you lots of little ideas. My best friend has recently decided to plan their wedding in the Autumn and looking through her plans has really opened my eyes as to how much you can actually do with an Autumn wedding and how many beautiful colour schemes you have to choose from.

As always watch out for my next post which will be the last in this little series, and also be sure to check out some of the fun little Christmas posts I shall be putting up in the next few weeks :)

Love Becca <3

Saturday, 16 November 2013

What time of year should I get married? Part two

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter that is the question.

This post is going to have some pointers about getting married in the Summer. If you haven't read my 'part one' you should go and check that out before reading this :)

Part two: summer.

Getting married in the summer.
With summer comes hot weather. You can either have beautiful vibrant colours or choose a more subtle pastel colour pallet. What ever colour scheme you choose, in the summer its bound to look beautiful. You can choose chiffon bridesmaids dresses that float in the warm breeze and what about putting your men in grey rather than black to suit the rest of the colour scheme?

One little tip; be sure to wear sunscreen and foundation with an spf in it, the last thing you want on a hot day is to have a burnt, red face in all your wedding photographs.

Here are some flower ideas for a summer wedding.

Thank you for reading, my next post will be about Autumn weddings so keep your eyes pealed!

Love Becca <3 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

What time of year should I get married? Part one

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? That is the question.

So in this post I shall give you some things to think about when choosing what season to get married in.
First of all I would like to say I think most of this is mainly personal preference so you might find these tips more helpful when trying to persuade your other half into what season to tie the knot! Because lets face it when it comes to making decisions like this men aren't exactly helpful :)

Part one: Spring.

Getting married in the spring.
Spring is a beautiful time of year to get married, with the trees in full blossom and buds starting to form from the newly green grass. Spring can help create a colourful backdrop to the perfect day, helping you to capture your moment in time.

Just be careful if you are planning an outdoor wedding because at this time of year you can never rely on the Great British weather. 

There are so many different flowers you can use in the spring here a just a few to inspire you...

Thank you for reading, I hope this gives you some nice ideas. Be sure to check out my next post where I will be focusing on Summer wedding ideas.

Love Becca <3