Sunday, 26 January 2014

Bridesmaids Dress Idea

The Twist and Wrap Dress

Hey guys!

So I have recently got my bridesmaids dresses and although I didn't actually go for this dress it is so amazing I had to share it with you guys!

The Twist and Wrap dress.
Also know as the 15 way dress!

This dress comes in a variety of colours and you can actually get it from quite a few places now, the one I am focussing on is the dress I looked into getting.

So these are the 5 colours they have in their range; this image doesn't actually give the colours justice so please have a look on the website for a better look (link will be at the bottom).

And these are the 15 different ways you can wear the dress!
I think this dress is a great idea if you want all your bridesmaids in the same colour but not the same style. Its also great if you have very different ages bridesmaids as there are a couple of ways to add a short sleeve to cover the shoulder and its also great if your girls are different sizes because they can all pick a style and wear it comfortably.

They also have a short option which is cheaper which gives even more variety in styles!
Now the price is what I think is the amazing part as the short dress comes in at £70.00 and the longer one £80.00. This is also the full prices and if you go on the website at the right time of year they have these dresses on promotion!

Anyway thanks for reading guys, I hope this was some useful info :)
These dresses are from and are under the wedding section.

Speak soon
Much love
Becca <3

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