Saturday, 15 June 2013

Day three.

Hi guys!
Nothing great to update on today although I am exited for the next couple
 days as I have some time off from work.
So tomorrow I am taking a little trip to Ikea with the other half to get the famous 'Alex' 
drawers and also I'm really hoping they will have some pretty glass tea light
holders for the wedding :)
So, yeah really looking forward to that and also its fathers day which means I can finally give 
my dad the presents I've been hiding for about a week now; I am really bad at keeping things secrets
so I'm quite proud of myself for not already telling him what I got him!
So these are the candle holders I was planning to look for just to scatter on the tables.
What do we reckon? Wedding enough? I just hope they look as lovely as the pictures!

Also I was going to look for some plain small glasses to dart around to break up the others.
Again people, I need your help with this? Will it look too cheap? Or nice and simplistic?

Anyway guys keeping to the theme of keeping things snappy,
I shall update tomorrow with the bits I did and didn't buy :)
Much love
Becca <3

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