Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Day nine.

Beauty bobs

Evening people!
Today I'm doing a bit of a beauty post, my top 10 Barry M nail polishes although my whole blog isn't based on beauty its something I really enjoy so there will be a couple of posts here and there. I must apologize firstly on the poor quality pictures, because of the lighting and shine on the nail my camera just wouldn't focus but I hope they are not all bad!
So here goes this is my top 10, it was really hard to just chose 10 as I am a bit of a collector when it comes to Barry M but I have tried to do 5 winter colours and 5 summer ones.  

This is 296 Coral, I must say this is my favourite summer colour! It is orange with a very pink undertone and is just lovely in the summer; definitely my go to summer varnish.

Next up is 301 Bock Orange, it is exactly what is says; orange!! You couldn't get a more true orange if you tried, again I love this in the summer, I try to wear bright colours and this just goes with a lot of things!

305 Pink Flamingo; this is the first ever colour I bought from Barry M, I really like it because it has a bit more depth than the usual 'barbie pink', I really find that its easy to wear, I tend to be a bit more girly in the summer and this is just perfect for that!

Now these next two colours are just amazing, they are the new Gelly Hi-Shine nail varnishes, this one is GNP 13 Papaya. Again I really like this colour in the summer but the beauty with these is that it gives the nail such a shine, they actually in my opinion look like the gel, 2 week lasting nail varnishes you can get done in salons except these only cost £3.99 and can be done at home in about 10 minutes!

This is the same as before in GNP 12 Greenberry, this is the latest colour I added to my collection and I really like it, I find it a bit harder to wear as its not a colour I would normally go for but I really like the Hi-Shine quality to it.

This is my first winter favourite, and I know what your thinking, its not very my first choice for a winter colour, but I would normally wear this glitter of a darker colour. Its 349 Rose Quartz Glitter, I did try painting this over black but the picture wouldn't focus and I wanted you guys to see the really beautiful colour of the glitter. This is a great varnish to wear to a party or night out, I tend to apply a couple of layers to add to the sparkle but you can apply as little or as much as you like, that is what I really love about this colour.

This is 351 Yellow Topaz Glitter, I think this is actually my go to winter colour, its great over black to show off the colour of the glitter but my favourite way to wear this is over a bright red for Christmas! It has two glitters in it like the Rose Quartz one, a smaller glitter which gives it a bit of a base and then you get these big glitter chunks that scatter over the nail to give a really nice effect.

Now this is a new colour for me its the GNP 3 Watermelon, not a colour I would normally choose but being one of the Gelly varnishes I thought I would give it a try and, I really like it. Its a very dark emerald green; I tend to wear a lot of browns and khaki colours in the winter and I think this will go really well with them. Again I love the Hi-Shine effect, I just wish Barry M bought this concept out a lot sooner as I think its the best nail product they've ever bought out.

310 Mushroom, I really like this colour as I tend to wear nude colours to work quite a lot in the summer and this has the same concept but in a darker version for the winter. I find it so easy to wear as it goes with practically everything and doesn't stand out to much at work. Overall I really great, practical colour!

And last but definitely not least my fun winter colour, 312 Indigo. This is a royal blue which I suppose could be worn in both summer and winter but I think this is great for winter as its a dark colour but is still quite bright for those days you just want winter to end, and the sunshine to come out!

So that's it guys, my top 10 Barry M nail varnishes, sorry if I've rambled on but I couldn't get it down to under 10. I find Barry M great as I have horrible nails and wouldn't leave the house with something on them. Its quick and easy, one coat will give you a lovely pastel colour but add a second coat and I find the colour on your nail just pops and has so much shine to it. They are also very cheap for the quality of the product, at just £2.99 for normal colours and £3.99 for glitters or gelly varnishes, plus I normally buy them in Superdrug or Boots when they have their 3for2 offers!
Much Love
Becca <3

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